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"A little piece of paradise" - a small piece of Paradise, so called Phuket readers US News & Wolrd Reports, giving preference to the beaches of Phuket in the world ranking of the publication.

The annual fair takes place at the temple in Chalong, Phuket.  It began on February 14, and will be held for a week, until February 20.

Phuket is growing and developing every year. Currently, life on the island boils and rages: restaurants, museums, gyms, spas, entertainment clubs, apartments, villas and penthouses for tourists.  Recently, the island hosted a unique real estate exhibition in Phuket Kapitalpro.

The emergence of some new projects in diverse fields of activity brought a wonderful resort of the Kingdom of Thailand-Phuket to the world level

New year in Phuket celebrate incendiary, bright and noisy! Celebrating tourists and locals, the ringing of glasses and bottles, always with a lot of smiles, bright colorful fireworks, different calibers – all this creates an incredible experience!

The energy authority of Phuket province (REA) commented on the progress of the project to put in order the communication and electrical wires on the streets of the island. According to the acting head of the office of REA in Patong V. Praph, restoring order on the street pillars is moving at a steady pace, currently in order are cables with a length of about 14 km.

Last year, the weekend fair project was launched.  Entertainment has become so popular that managed to win the heart of the residents and guests of Phuket. Therefore, the organizers of the fair decided to continue this wonderful tradition.

World experts have come to the conclusion that the Maya Bay beach on Phi Phi in Thailand-the most impressive and the most charming on our planet.

According to a study by the Bangkok Post. in October of this year, more than 2 million foreign visitors rested at the resorts of the Kingdom of Thailand - it is 22% higher than the same period last year.

As part of the Phuket Smart Bus development project, the Phuket Smart Bus project will begin its movement early next year with ten new buses.

The authorities of the Kingdom issued an order by which they put into effect the procedure for registration of radio-controlled aircraft (drones), as well as prohibit the operation of equipment that has not been registered in the country

No carnival in Brazil or tomato festival in Spain can not be compared with the bright and spectacular Vegetarian festival, which takes place every autumn in Thailand, this year, this is a bright event in Asian culture, began on October 19, and will delight everyone with its incredible traditions and emotions until October 28.

 The Ministry of energy has developed a project for the transfer of tuk-tuks to power supply, and they have allocated state funding for the conversion of currently operated about a hundred units of vehicles.

The tightening of rules on Smoking in the Kingdom contributed to recent research on the major resorts of Phuket, which revealed that over one kilometre of the shoreline accounted for nearly 55 000 tobacco cigarettes, which emit harmful elements and harmful to the surrounding environment, and consequently to the health of the people.
Four years of stay in Thailand on a work visa-this right will be granted from January 2018 to foreign nationals who will not only be in different areas, but also to take an active part in the creation of a new image of Phuket.
As part of the activities in Thailand, our company has achieved the desired result – now the cooperation with the owners of real estate in Phuket has become closer and more promising.
You are going to relax in Phuket, but do not know the local customs, language and island etiquette? Now these little things will not bother you, because our company organized round – the-clock service to provide escort-Concierge 24/7.
Despite the fact that this service has been introduced recently, it has already managed to gain considerable popularity among tourists and travelers.
If you are going to rest in Phuket and do not know where to stay, you can contact our company, and we will find you a comfortable and cozy accommodation. Our hot offers for rent free real estate can always be found on our website, read the conditions of residence, pricing, find out in what area is a Villa or Bungalow.
Even while on vacation, business activity of many businessmen does not stop for a minute. Phuket-a great place for negotiations, meetings with contractors, the conclusion of important contracts. The entire infrastructure of the island contributes to the successful and profitable business.
Traditional actions carried out by our company for tourists and vacationers in Phuket, have become even more profitable and attractive!
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