In Thailand is the Vegetarian festival


No carnival in Brazil or tomato festival in Spain can not be compared with the bright and spectacular Vegetarian festival, which takes place every autumn in Thailand, this year, this is a bright event in Asian culture, began on October 19, and will delight everyone with its incredible traditions and emotions until October 28.

   Vegetarian festival takes place in some major cities of the Kingdom.  The larger the city, the, respectively, more scale is the action of the festival. And the brightest celebrations unfold on the island of Phuket. It was here, on the island, more than two hundred years ago that this custom was born – the holding of this famous and spectacular holiday.  Festival of purity of mind and body is so loved not only by the locals, as well as all the guests of the Kingdom.  Many tourists specially choose during the festival vacation in Thailand, taking care in advance to book a Villa in Phuket or rent an apartment cheap in the elite complex of the island.  This is a good opportunity and relax perfectly, and get an unforgettable experience of celebrating such a large-scale holiday.

During the festival in the temple of Rui TUI Tao Bo Keng, which is located in The old town of the island, there is a main tradition – raising the ancient Chinese Shrine, Lantern Kitten. Almost thirty temples of the island began the festival.

All the sanctuaries inside will be decorated with yellow flags, which usually represent a Vegetarian festival.

All other traditions-marches "MA Son" and consecrated vegetarian food, festival visitors can see and try and get a lot of impressions.

The time of the festival usually falls on the low tourist season, so during this period the rest in Phuket will be inexpensive. You can choose any suitable property for rent at affordable prices, as well as book a Villa in Phuket.  All available options and prices are listed on the website