Thailand and its most popular island Phuket are among the most visited resorts in the world. Every year, millions of tourists prefer to rest in Thailand, and besides this, more and more people who have visited this beautiful country fall in love with it and want to come to the kingdom more often, so many of them think about buying their own home, so that at any time of year to come to Thailand and stop in her own apartment or villa. However, what to do if there is no opportunity to stay in Thailand all year round? After all, the accommodation will be idle for some time, and you need to pay taxes. There is a solution, you can rent your home and thereby receive passive income. On this and other forms of investment in real estate in Thailand, we briefly describe in this article.

Did you run out of money on vacation? Or maybe friends or relatives being in Thailand asked you to transfer money to them? In this article we will tell you about the various options for transferring money to Thailand, conversion and commissions for each of the options.

The tropical island of Phuket offers not only a luxurious holiday and an indescribable pleasant atmosphere. There is a wide variety of various excursions and attractions. Therefore, the rest of Phuket is very diverse and you will not be bored. One of the most popular and wonderful excursions is a walk on the sea on yachts and catamarans.

We want to tell you about one of the best and most famous restaurants in Phuket, where they cook wonderful dishes, where you will feel cozy and comfortable.

When you arrive in a foreign distant country on vacation, you ask a lot of questions in order to ensure a carefree and great holiday.

Where is the best place to eat if you decide to spend your vacation in Phuket?

Have you decided to buy a property in Phuket? Good advice-you need to pay attention to where you like the property, and in what part of the country it is best to buy it. And it all depends on the purpose for which you need it and what you want to do with it? You want to buy a house for yourself and live in it or you want to receive income from the lease of the property you bought, and maybe you decide to start a business in Thailand.

Phuket is just made for a wonderful holiday of families with children. For families with children you will find a large number of housing offers for a comfortable stay, the best option is to rent a Villa in Phuket with a private pool.   And for a carefree and fun children's holiday on the island all the necessary conditions.

In Thailand, there is legislation according to which foreigners can not be owners of land, regardless of whether it is a legal entity or an individual. Therefore, many people are faced with the question of how to buy an apartment or villa in full ownership or invest in a commercial project?

Holidays in Phuket-it's great, but if you are going to relax in Phuket for the first time or with children, then you need to approach the organization of your trip with full responsibility.

We will help you in this matter and tell you where it is best to relax in Phuket.

Travel and rest – this is one of the most important moments in the life of every person and his family, who wants to spend with comfort, you See, no one wants to be in a foreign country with problems and without housing. Therefore, you need to take care to book and rent an apartment or Villa to stay on vacation in advance, and it is better to ask this question to the Agency, which has already established itself in the rental market. Such Agency is vilenahome.com - this is the leading site in the rental market in Phuket.

The long-awaited vacation, which is decided to spend at the best resort in Thailand, in itself is a holiday. But the most important condition for creating a great holiday – it is the right choice of housing.

Phuket pleases a large abundance of comfortable villas, they provide travelers with excellent opportunities for a large company or a family with children, for romantic couples or busy business people who need to combine their holidays with work.

Phuket meets all its unsurpassed beaches with white sand and azure sea, as well as a lot of different attractions that will give the most unforgettable experience!

In November, on the island of Phuket wet South-West wind is replaced by the North-East monsoon. The rainy season on the entire coast of the Andaman sea gradually ceases, precipitation is becoming less. November Phuket with a mild climate, gentle sea just beckons you to come to rest on the island of Phuket!

The bulk of tourists going on vacation to Thailand, currently prefers to do it on their own, without the help of travel agencies. There are many advantages: it is a good opportunity to relax in an individual quiet environment, avoiding crowds; stay at the resort can last much longer
Every year in one of the bays of the island hosts an international exhibition of yachts and boats, known as Phuket International Boat Show. This is one of the largest exhibitions in South-East Asia, which is going to a passionate seafaring beaumont from around the world. Here you can see the famous yachts of the best shipbuilding companies such as Ferretti Yachts, Sunseeker, Princess Yachts, Fairline, Contest Yachts, Comar Yachts, as well as meet the richest people in the world.
The new year has occupied the first place among the festivals in our country and throughout Europe. To mark it so that it was remembered for many years or even for the whole life, does not always seem possible. But this is only at first glance. Discard routine decisions and consider such a fascinating option as the New year in Thailand!
It's no secret that real estate in Thailand is now a burning issue for our compatriots: many want to invest money in construction, then to be able to rent a house and earn money, to be able to come to rest in an exotic country or even to move there for permanent residence.
But how to do it? Where to start if you do not know the laws of the country and do not have information on the real estate market? The answer is simple: use the services of real estate agencies specializing in foreign objects.
Buying a house in another country you should always be aware of all the nuances of the legal and practical nature, so that in the future this investment is not just paid off, but also brought income (if any is expected from it). To be savvy in all matters with regards to property taxes in Thailand will help the real estate Agency in Phuket VILENA HOME!
Thailand has long been one of the best options for tourism, which attracts our compatriots. This explains the flow of travelers from the CIS who want to organize their holidays in Thailand, low prices for accommodation in this country, incredibly beautiful views and almost year-round season. Who does not want to go cheap to an exotic country, to get acquainted with the local flavor and just banal lie on the beach?
Modern houses and complexes have transformed the island beyond recognition, and the developed infrastructure makes Phuket a business and cultural center of the Kingdom of Thailand. Construction in a popular resort is a profitable area for investment, and such activities are encouraged and supported by the government of Thailand.
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