Yacht and boat rentals in Phuket | Bali

The largest and most picturesque island of Thailand | Indonesia is Phuket | Bali. It offers a luxurious water area with spacious, clean beaches and open sea. Going on vacation in this wonderful place, you should definitely take advantage of all the opportunities for a variety of pastime. Our company offers you to rent a yacht or a boat to go on an unforgettable voyage. Rent yachts and boats in Phuket will allow you to visit the nearby Islands, visit the most picturesque beaches of Thailand | Indonesia, find unusual secret grottoes, Express your delight from the beauty of the surrounding nature, tempting lagoon and excellent places.

You can choose from many types of yachts, catamarans, high-speed motor boats, transport options for sea fishing. All yachts are available for rent together with a professional team that will provide you with a safe and unforgettable journey. You can plan your own route or entrust this point to our team of specialists. We also offer the organization of various celebrations on Board the yacht! This is a great option to celebrate your Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary and more. And the best part is that you can go on a trip on a yacht in Thailand at any time of the year!

              High-speed, planing motor yacht Anna Maria 50 feet, for those who prefer to travel in comfort!

Yacht manufacturer: Silverton Marine Corporation
Country of origin: USA
The yacht is equipped with two engines, it provides good speed and stability, the ability to overcome small waves and distances. Anna Maria yacht is the embodiment of all the desires of the traveler. In addition, it provides:
* For more than one day trips there are 3 comfortable cabins with separate bathrooms and showers.
* Climate control system installed in all areas of the yacht.
* Barbecue
* Equipment for sea fishing-outriggers, outriggers, power coils Shimano, Penn, Duel
* Spearfishing rifles
* Available diving equipment, dive compressor

The length of the boat Anna Maria 2,7 meters. Installed outboard motor and stationary twin engine. The body is made using a material-fiberglass. The yacht was made in 2006, and in 2015 the ship was overhauled.
The yacht has 4 cabins for 6 + 1 beds. For day trips the maximum number of passengers – 12 people in Comfort and travel safety is ensured by 3-person crew. Cruising speed of the vessel: 20 knots.


The cost of rent from 9.00 to 17.00 in the directions

Direction Cost, THB
Raya 40 000
Raya+Corol 42 000
Corol 30 000
Raya+Maiton 55 000 
Maiton 35 000
Maiton+Corol 40 000
Phi Phi 65 000
Phi Phi 1 night 2 days 160 000
Krabi 75 000
Krabi 1 night 2 days 170 000
Similan 1 night 2 days 210 000
Jamebound 65 000
Jamebound 1 night day 160 000
Krabi+Jamebound+Phi Phi 160 000
Raya Yai+Raya Noi 55 000

Motor yacht Princess

Built by the leading British yacht manufacturer Princess Yachts International plc.
Princess 65 has established itself as one of the best models of the manufacturer due to a variety of positive quality indicators, such as:
* reliability,
* security,
* exceptional comfort,
* flawless design.
This yacht is ideal for the Asian climate and is fully equipped for a comfortable stay and an unforgettable experience.
Crew: 4 people.
The yacht has 4 cabins:
- 1 double bedroom
- 1 queen size bed
- 2 double cabins.
* Fully equipped kitchen
* External full bar
* Internal dining table
* Aft deck dining table
* Flybridge dining table
* Sleeping area on the flybridge
* Sleeping area in the foreground
* Floating platform.
There is a possibility of booking
The cost of rent from 9.00 to 17.00 in the directions
Direction Cost, THB
Raya 80 000
Raya+Corol 85 000
Corol 70 000
Raya+Maiton 90 000
Maiton 80 000
Maiton+Corol 85 000
Phi Phi 90 000
Phi Phi 1 night 2 days 180 000
Krabi 120 000
Krabi 1 night 2 days 200 000
Similan 1 day 150 000
Similan 1 night 2 days 250 000
Jamebound 130 000
Jamebound 1 night and day 200 000
Krabi+Jamebound+Phi Phi 180 000
Raya Yai+Raya Noi 90 000