Rent a car in Phuket

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Thailand is usually associated with a very active traffic on the road. What is really a sin to conceal – so it is. For our tourist left-hand traffic and constantly scurrying around its participants can be a stressful factor. But not everything is so terrible: you get used to the left-hand movement, and in the bikes scurrying back and forth you begin to notice regularities. And you adapt to this rhythm.
Car rental in Phuket has a lot of advantages. Most tourists often rent bikes. This has its own zest – thus better feel the surrounding atmosphere, allowing to feel the local flavor. But on the bike will not go far – it is not the most convenient vehicle. Yes, besides, you need to have some skill in managing it. Therefore we are for the car!
Advantages of renting a car in Phuket:
1.    Safety.
Again, in comparison with the bike, the driver and passengers of the car are safer on the road. In addition, the car does not require special equipment and driving skills of motor vehicles. A driver's license for the car and its driving experience-certainly not uncommon among our compatriots.
2.    Comfortable.
n the tropical climate of Phuket car rental is the perfect solution: soft comfortable seats, pleasant microclimate in the cabin, isolation from external odors and the effects of natural phenomena. All these factors cannot be ignored when choosing the type of vehicle.
3.    Cheaper than a taxi.
Rent a car in Phuket is also profitable and from a financial point of view: if your own transport you do not have here, to ride a bike there is no desire, it remains only to use taxi services. But why overpay if you have your own driving skills? Absolutely no need! Therefore, it is worth considering the possibility of temporary use of the car.
Rent a car in Phuket with our help is possible in two variants:
•    day (from 1 000 THB);
•    month (from 15 000).
The second option, of course, is more profitable from an economic point of view.
Choosing what car to rent in Phuket, you can give preference to a variety of options designed to satisfy the tastes of any customer. Modern car models in perfect condition are waiting for you!