Booking conditions

1. How to book a villa / apartment ?

In order to make a reservation, we need to conclude a contract with you! For the contract, the required documents are: passport (the one who draws your booking), data about the flight, the age of the children, your telephone number and e-mail. The contract is concluded in English. - - Upon receipt of the contract you will also be billed (invoice) in USD on behalf of our company VilenaHome. Payment is made to the account of our company. The entire payment is recorded in the currency THB.

2. Should I make a pre-payment?

You should make a pre-payment of at least 50% to make your reservation. At the peak of the season for some property pre-payment is 50-100%. This pre-payment is non-refundable in case of no-show.

3. When will I have to pay the remaining amount and is there a security deposit?

The remaining sum of the booking (the remaining 50%), to be paid to our manager upon check-in. Security deposit, you pay our concierge (manager) when you check into your home, you can leave a deposit in the currency THB, EUR or USD. The amount of security Deposit from $ 300 to $ 1500-depends on the chosen housing.

4. What is included in the housing rental , and what is paid separately?

All information you can read in the rental agreement. There is only light and water (counters). Sometimes it is already included in the price.

5. How are the costs of light and water?

All costs are calculated by the counter, you can always see how much you have spent, all control and record. At your check-in and our concierge takes pictures of the counters and records all the data. Counters are also photographed on the last day of your stay. Considered testimony of a single day and the last (the last day subtracted from 1 and multiplied by the day rate). All different rates, it all depends on the area or conditions of rental housing. All rates are initially discussed at the time of booking and are prescribed at the conclusion of the lease. Rate of 5 to 8 baht per KWH.

6. What is night check-in and how to organize it?

Check-in at night or check-out at night from 20:00 to 10:00. Check in and check out at this time Noe - 1500 baht. This amount is paid to the concierge for work outside (night) time ,for waiting for guests in the villa, apartment. Sometimes customers can move in themselves. This is agreed in advance.

7. How to book a taxi / transfer and arrange check-in?

If arrival, transfer and check-in went smoothly, you need to follow the instructions:

- Before you fly, you need to remind the manager of your arrival. If necessary, order a taxi and once again discuss additional conditions (if you need a cot or some products). It is desirable to specify who exactly will meet You (name and contact number)!

- If we order a taxi, then specify at what exit in the terminal will be Thai with a sign that will be written on the plate, how much is a taxi and when to pay! We use a third-party company, we are not responsible for them ! Therefore, check in advance the phone number of a taxi or car number, and download the point on the map (without Internet point will move!) and watch where you are being taken! If suddenly you do not see your plate, you can always call us and we will help!

- In advance, specify the address of the rented accommodation, point on the map, phone concierge, taxi conditions! Remind yourself and take care of your arrival!